How Does You Vs. Debt Work?

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In our six-week class, you'll:

· Get 30 tangible actions/challenges that will change your life - meant to be tackled in just 15 minutes each day.
· Dig deep into ways to change your attitudes and mindsets toward money for good through daily video walkthroughs and worksheets.
· Connect with people who truly know what you're going through in our private in-class forums.
· Be held accountable by our course facilitators - they'll cheer you on, and they'll check in with you if your progress slows.

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What previous students are saying

The biggest benefit I gained is a support group that doesn't pass judgement on me or my choices. They are happy for me when I find success and they are empathetic and rally behind me when I have a setback.
- Jill
Paid off $5,839 during our six-week Fall 2011 class
Your course gave me so much more than I expected. I think I can say my husband and I are successfully winning our battle with debt (but that's the small part). The big part ... my perception of debt was really suffocating me. So much so that I stopped dreaming ... I lost my passion for me. You really helped me get that back and inspired me to find my voice again.
- Sherice
Paid off $7,372 during our six-week Fall 2011 class
I haven't paid off all my debt but I now have a plan in place for how to do so as well as a savings account, which I hadn't had in years. My debt is finally manageable and I feel empowered.
- Sunday
Paid off $5,160 during our six-week Fall 2011 class

I took the class to see who best to pass the opportunity on to. Turned out that the first week of lessons/ homework really hit home with me and I went to my husband and said, 'Baker wants us to pay off the mortgage - are you ready for another six years of doing nothing but pay off that debt?' We were!
- Deb
Paid off $5,000 during our six-week Fall 2011 class